Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Resetting buffers: t-codes $*

 There is a pair of SAP transactions which might be used when you need to reset data from SAP database tables temporarily stored in buffers. Actually, those codes are not real transactions but so called OK fields that are able to be entered in field of transaction (sometimes called as command field) within SAP GUI. The below codes manipulates with different buffers of the application server.



/$TAB RSADMIN    refreshes buffers for specific tables e.g. RSADMIN

/$TAB                    refreshes all table buffers + the program buffer


/$SYNC                  refreshes all table buffers, except the program buffer

/$SYNP                  probably the same as above


/$CUA                    refreshes a CUA (central user administration) buffers


/$DYN                    refreshes a screen buffers

/$DYNP                 probably the same as above


/$NAM                   refreshes a nametab buffers


/$OTR                    refreshes a OTR (Online Text Repository - central storage location for texts and its translations) buffers



After successful execution of those transactions you are suppose to get messages like:


All buffers were reset

Message no. 00012


TAB buffer reset

Message no. 00044


More information:

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