Sunday, July 29, 2012

SAP license expiration message

This message is very confusing for users. Once they do login into SAP system there is a pop up informing them that license is about to be expire. Basically it means that users won’t be allowed to logon into the system after expiration date.

You can check at anytime what is your SAP system expiration date in Status menu->System. Expiration date field is available in this screen:

Then it is a task for SAP system administrator to prolong license in TA SLIC.
This operation involves:

1. Get hardware key by running command "saplicense -get" in operation system of server where your SAP application server is running

2. Logon to SMP with credentials belonging into SAP system installation and send a license request to SAP via /licensekeys

3. You get license from SAP by email and you need to install it via command on operation system level: "saplicense -install" or by using TA SLIC.

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