Sunday, July 29, 2012

Usage of Output number of hits / Show Number of Hits in Display Data functionality

While checking data in infoproviders there is a functionality for checking no of records that exists in infoprovider object is available. It becomes very handy in case when you need quickly reconcile no of records in BW reports vs. actual records in e.g. cube.

Functionality is available in selection screen of infoproviders. You can navigate here in TA RSA1->right click on infoprovider->Display data or in Manage screen of infoproviders->Content tabstrip.
All you need is to flag "Output number of hits" check box.

While doing so you get a one more column in your output screen. The column is called 1ROWCOUNT and it shows how many rows were used to form record that you see in the list. With this information you can easily do sum on this columns and get total no of records for your selection. In other words how many records were used to made up current record.
To get total no of records in provider do not choose any characteristics nor key figure for selection. Then system gives you total no of DB hits that hits your selection criteria. To get total no of records exist in provider do not specify anything on selection screen.

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