Sunday, July 8, 2012

Do you know basic components of BW from SMP perspective?

Well might be very basic and similarly stupid question... But let me try: Are you familiar with basic components of BW? I mean the components as per OSS notes are categorized. You to mention that knowing proper component can help while searching for OSS note to fix your issue. If not I find a very short OSS note which helps you to get into on it. Here it is: 121067 - Help for BW notes

However the note is quite obsolete (last update 11.06.1999) and is mentioning only 5 basic components. Therefore find below current basic components of BW effective as in mid of 2012:

BW     SAP Business Information Warehouse
BW-BCT        Business Content and Extractors
BW-BEX        Business Explorer
BW-EI           Enhanced Infrastructure
BW-PLA         Planning
BW-SMA        Smart Meter Analytics for Utilities
BW-SYS        Basis System and Installation
BW-WHM       Data Warehouse Management

PS: Be aware that every each of basic components has several sub-components sometimes even going into 5-6th level (e.g. BW-BCT-CRM-FM-LR - CRM Live Rates).

- update 27/10/2012 - 
For basic components of BusinessObjects software see here.

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