Saturday, October 4, 2008

Starting up ABAP debugger

There are following different option of starting ABAP debugger via transaction field (also known as ok-codes or command fields) of SAP GUI:


  • "/h"               a very common way, it start ABAP and classic dynpro debugging


  • "/hs"             starts ABAP, system and dynpro debugging


  • "/ha"             starts ABAP Debugging only


  • "/hx"             end of debugging


  • "/hmusa"      creates memory snapshot


  • jdbg              in TA SM37 restart of a finished or crashed background job for debugging


  • /ron              start ABAP Runtime Analysis measurement (transaction SE30)


  • /roff              stop ABAP Runtime Analysis measurement (transaction SE30)
  • /$st              Switch on and off Memory Consumption Display (it ia available in menu "System -> Utilities -> Resource Usage"



A letter "h" in command like /h /hs /ha /hx comes from a word "hoppeln" which is German word that means something like lollop.


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