Sunday, July 29, 2012

Trailblazer project

It is been few months that new terms started to be spread through SCN sphere. Its name is Trailblazer project. What is going on with regard to this? Aim is to leverage ABAP on HANA platform. Actually it is a combination of ABAP technology and HANA. What that would mean? Simply speaking today we have following applications (let’s call it like this even this can be disputable) that can run on HANA:

and once Trailblazer becomes reality not only whole SAP Business Suite but even ABAP Application Server (AP) will run on HANA. You might think what is the big deal in here? If it is all SAP software written in ABAP why it should not run in HANA? Here’s it is, HANA is in-memory technology, meaning you do not need really database to run it. Theoretically all take in place in in-memory. Imagine current processing of data in ABAP AS. ABAP programs first read data from underlying database’s tables and afterward performing business logic on this data. Finally data is stored back in database’s tables. Here’s perfect use case for HANA. All data is already in memory no need to read it from DB. So the deal is to “enable” ABAP to work with HANA instead of DB. In other words: ABAP to work with HANA DB. So ABAP’s logic needs to be pushed to in-memory DB which is HANA. SAP calls this approach as “code to data” paradigm.

Notion of features that I’m discussing in this blog post are expressed by SAP in document SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP for SAP HANA. Of course this not near future but this future direction of ABAP Stack looks pretty promising. Not sure what next version of ABAP AS will be (7.4, 8.0?) but we can expect great application coming from thoughts like this.

- update 11-10-2012 -
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