Sunday, July 8, 2012

Inconsistency in delta administration

Recently I encountered following error related to delta mechanism:

Inconsistency in delta administration RSM1363


Message appeared in my case when I attempted to browse an InfoPackage. If you get this error message InfoPackage is not accessible at all. I research on this message. I came across interesting site which pointed me into way how to resolve this error.
Basically root cause seem to be in tables on ECC and on BW sides storing information on delta initialization requests. It might be that in BW table RSSDLINIT contains entry for initialization for specific data source. On other hand table ROOSPRMSC in ECC does not contain entries for the same.

According note 852443 - Dump in include LRSSMU36/RSSM_OLTPSOURCE_SELECTIONS there are five scenarios that could happened. Two of them are mentioning ABAP report RSSM_OLTP_INIT_DELTA_UPDATE. This tool can be used to delete init selections in the 'Scheduler/Init selections in the source system' menu in the InfoPackage.

Notice that before you do any changes into the BW system you need to study above mentioned note and also other listed below:


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