Thursday, September 22, 2022

Setup of t-code RSMNG

T-code RSMNG is useful replacement of former administration part of RSA1. It comes handy also in case you do not prefer web environment (SAP BW∕4HANA Cockpit) based administration of BW/4 bases systems. However, after some time of using it I realized it has its drawbacks. Most annoying thing for me is its performance. This comes to picture in cases when I do administration of an aDSO object that has large (tens of thousands) number of data load requests.

In such case, it takes time (several minutes) to get into the administration screen. The RSMNG t-code has following two filter options that have an influence on how many request are displayed on the admin screen.

Filter by Time – options like Today, Yesterday and Today, In the Past Week, This Month and Last Month, This Year and Last Year, Free Data and No Time Restriction are available here to choose from. This screen is more less the same as on Process Chain’s log selection screen.

Filter by Status – OK, Error, Running and Deleted are data load request status to choose from.

In case you used filter by time and set it to No Time Restriction position of a radio button on object that has very few data load request - all is fine. However if you meanwhile jump into another aDSO that has a lot of the data load requests you will be waiting till all of them are read and the screen is finally displayed. Therefore, this is the bummer.

There is a database table that stores the setup of the RSMNG t-code. The table name is RSDSO_MNG_DYNSET (ADSO manage: dynamic user settings). The table is managed by Function Module RSDSO_MNG_SET_PARAM. The FM itself is called from RSMNG framework build in ABAP class CL_RSAWBN_AWB. I find myself in a position to change the table entries in case I realize my settings are set e.g. to No Time Restriction and I run to the very large aDSO.

The settings of the table are stored per a user. Means each user (column UNAME) running the RSMNG t-code has its own settings. This is actually causing this issue that if I set time filter to No Time Restriction value it is valid for all the aDSOs I used in the t-code. To avoid situations like this it would be better if table could store the RSMNG settings on particular aDSO (or IO objects as that can be managed here too) level. However, at this time BW/4 2.0 SP06 it is not supported.

There are different tables that stores the RSMNG setup data per infoprovider:


RSDMD_MNG_DYNSET – for InfoObjects

RSBOH_MNG_DYNSET – for Open Hubs

In a below pictures you can see how is the table columns mapping done against the particular filter settings of the RSMNG.

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