Monday, December 21, 2020

BW request types: RSSM vs RSPM

 Traditionally in SAP BW systems there are the BW request types of two kinds, representing a request and status management (RSSM):

1. Request ID (e.g. DTPR_59IOI42WSEVCH90JCT5TCKNZZ) or so called Data Transfer Process Request. It describes a list with calls that is generated from the template of a Data Transfer Process (DTP). In addition, there is information how data in a BW is loaded from a source object to a target object, and which data is transferred to the target object under these conditions.
Data element that represent the Request ID is RSREQUID and it is CHAR30 data type. The value can consists of up to 30 characters literal (numbers and strings).


2. SID (e.g. 395.609) or so called key number of a request is the internal encryption of the request number that is allocated by the scheduler. The SIDs are sorted into ascending order. They are used in this maintenance for rolling up and compressing the InfoCube.

Data element that represent the SID is RSBKREQUID and it is INT4 data type. The number can be from interval: -2.147.483.648 to +2.147.483.647


Each request has both representation Req ID and SID. They can be converted from one form to another and vice versa. These numbers can be seen in t-code like RSA1 where they represent particular data load. T-code RSRQ (Data Load Monitor for a Request) allows to enter both type of the request.

The Req ID and SID that are based on 0REQUID are referred as called classic request and status management.

In general, all these terms like Request ID, Data Transfer Process (DTP) Request, SID or key number of a request area more less synonyms. One may find all these terms mixed.

3. In BW 7.5 there is a 3rd type of BW request type available. It is called Process Transaction Sequence Number (TNS). It has a formal like below:

{2020-05-12 17:18:11 000001 CET} = 20201512151811000001000

Even t-code RSRQ is extended in BW 7.5 to include this type of the request. It is based on timestamps.  Data element that represent the SID is RSBMREQUID and it is DEC data type with length of 23 and 9 decimals.

More over in BW/4HANA based systems the classic request and status management is not available. It was replaced by the TNS (0REQTSN) and it is referred as request status and process management (RSPM). It is used not only for loading processes but also for data staging, distribution, streaming, and planning processes for InfoObjects, aDSO, and Open Hub Destinations.

Below is a picture how t-code RSRQ looks like in BW lower than BW 7.5 and in the BW 7.5 or in BW/4HANA.

More information:

2482164 - BW4SL - Request and Status Management

2462639 - BW4SL - Interfaces and Customer-Specific ABAP Development


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