Tuesday, September 13, 2022

SAPSprint - print service

SAPSprint or so called a print service is a program for printing. It replaces older program SAPlpd as in print server on WINDOWS operating system. It is a part of SAP GUI for Windows installation. Usually it is available in folder "x:\Program Files\SAP\SAPSPrint\sapsprint.exe" - SAPSprint itself and "c:\Program Files\SAP\SAPSPrint\SAPSprintOptEdit.exe" – Print Option Editor.

What it does is to a transfer data for remote print output using WINDOWS operating system as host spool system so called spooler. SAP application server (with a spool work process) acts as a spool system. As the spooler and the spool system are running on different computers there is a need to have an external application (SAPSprint) to transfers the output requests from the SAP spool server to the Microsoft Windows spooler.

The SAPSprint can be a subject to security vulnerabilities. This it is advisable to monitor SAP Notes related to this software on component on regular basis and apply fixes if they are available.


More information:

Online docu

Support site component: BC-CCM-PRN (Print and Output Management)

1704243 - Frontend Print Options Editor

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