Friday, September 16, 2022

Listcube does not show any data

While using a t-code LISTCUBE sometime following odd situation can occur. The t-code does not show any data at all despite the data is present in a BW objects that the LISTCUBE runs on top of. That can be very strange and confusing situation. Instead of any data only below message is present:

No messages exist Message no. R7896

Explanation is very simple. As an ALV technology is used to present the data there needs to be a list of columns that are supposed to be displayed in an output screen passed to the function module (e.g. REUSE_ALV_GRID_DISPLAY) call - that does the display operation itself. This list of columns is called a field catalog (e.g. param IT_FIELDCAT in the FM call). The Field catalog contains all the fields to be displayed with their descriptions. Similarly, there is another structure that needs to be passed to the FM during its call - IS_LAYOUT. That one has the list layout specifications. If some of these information (field catalog or the layout) is missing the ALV does not know what columns (fields) are supposed to be displayed. Thus, no information is displayed after all.

What caused it? As the ALV supports saving the output layout (field catalog) for later use it could happen that, someone stored his/her layout while worked with BW info provider ABC and market it as global and default while working in the LISTCUBE. Once another user use the LISTCUBE against info provider XYZ that has a different structure (different IOs) the global default layout was sent to ALV. As none of the fields that were retrieved from info provider XYZ are matching the field catalog prepared based on the info provider ABC nothing can be displayed. 

How can this be fixed? While in the LISTCUBE output screen there in its menu the layout management screen is available. It can be found in menu Settings -> Layout -> Layout Management:

Here just default layout needs to be deleted: 

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