Friday, September 23, 2022

Switching output from plain list to ALV and vice versa

Many SAP’s NetWeaver based systems t-codes or programs are giving its output in form of a list. The list can be either in form of paint text formatted into columns and row or ALV list. An ALV is abbreviation of aAp List Viewer and it is popular from of outputting a results. Among many ALV advantages is easy column manipulation, data filtering, sub/total calculation, drilldowns etc.

However it may happen that the report that you are used to use is not coming as an ALV layout. Instead, the plain list is showed. Most likely this is caused that a user parameter called SALV_SWITCH_TO_LIST (Switch Grid -> List) is set to value X via t-code SU3 (Maintain User Profile).

In case of t-code SM66 if the param is set the output look like:

In other case if the param is not set the result of the same t-clod looks like: 

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