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t-code RSMNG – Administration of data targets in BW/4

In BW/4 a primary environment of BW administration has moved from SAP GUI to either web or into SAP HANA Studio. In case of the web, it is an FIORI app called SAP BW∕4HANA Cockpit. The BW/4 cockpit can be start from the SAP GUI via t-code BW4WEB (also known as “BW Fiori Launchpad”). Needless to say that in case of the SAP HANA Studio it the modelling part of the BW tasks that is performed in the Studio.

However, in case the BW/4 system is freshly installed/upgraded the Cockpit may not be functioning right off the bat. In addition, there might be issues while installing security certificates of web server, activating web service, obtaining proper authorization, etc. All of these can prevent you from starting to use the Cockpit. On other hand, some old-school BW folks may still prefer to use SAP GUI for administrating of the BW data targets. One strong argument for this is also performance of the web. In case huge data targets (like aDSOs) that are loaded with couple thousands of data requests to browse the requests in the web environment can be tedious. For situations like these, there is a fallback scenario.

It is a t-code RSMNG – with official title as “RSPM MNG UI” or “Administration of RSPM managed targets (aDSO)” or just "MNG UI" or "administration UI". It serves to purpose of managing objects like aDSOs, Characteristics (InfoObjects) and Open Hub Destinations. It is a kind of old “RSA1 -> Modelling -> e.g. InfoProvider -> right click: Manage” navigation; screen - look alike thing. 

The t-code itself allows to manage the data requests like: navigate to the request’s monitor screen, delete/activate/find the request, change its technical status), refresh the requests list, change behavior of the aDSO (planning vs loading), jump to t-code SE16 screen to see the New/Active/Change Log data (depending on aDSO type), perform: Delete Contents, Selective Deletion  etc.

One more interesting feature is “Show Connection” button to analyze the data target by its “connection”. The feature enables quick review of source objects/DTPs that were used to load data to chosen data target.

I find the RSMNG very useful. I do not advice to anyone to use it as SAP may decide to “delist/defunction” it anytime in future releases of the BW as the main environment for BW/4 is above mentioned Cockpit and/or Studio. Also, I do not expect that SAP will enhance the RSMNG any further. From my point of view, there is a lack of DTP integration into it. A description of the DTP could be shown in table grid. For example, an ALV table grid could be customizable so user could choose from a list of available fields what is shown. Similarly, having an options like to copy/delete the DTPs from this t-code would bring further benefit. Anyhow, I find the t-code very useful. 

PS: the RSMNG t-code started to appear in classic BW as well. In particular BW 75 systems.


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