Thursday, February 27, 2020

BW transports: Transformation consistency check

BW transports are one of pain points in BW area. Many issues may popup during move of BW objects between SAP systems. I blogged about many of them already. This time I focus on topic of transporting BW transformations.

One issue that may occur with regards of transporting the BW transformations is that method execution phase of the transport does not save and activate the transformation. Instead, only warning messages are shown in the transport log. This the BW developer expects that the transport went fine but it reality it is other way round.

Similarly, same situation can happen in other scenario. In case system dependent transformations of the source system is not mapped or incorrectly mapped in table RSLOGSYSMAP then again only warning is present in the transport log

To solve this there is a RSADMIN parameter available to influence how the BW system shall react. The name of the parameter is RSTRAN_CONSISTENCY_CHECK. Below are values of the parameter that set the system behavior either to raise an error or warning in the transport log.

X = Error shown in the log and it forces the system to cancel the processing of the affected transformations
‘’ = Warning

More information:
1377342 - Check for consistency of transformations in the transport

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