Thursday, February 20, 2020

SAP UI themes

Over the years SAP came with many themes for their UI technologies like SAP GUI, Web Dynpro for ABAP/Java, ITS (SAP GUI for HTML), BSP, HTMLb, BI, JSF, NetWeaver Business Client, Enterprise Portal, SAP UI5, SAP CRM UI and etc. In this blog post, I mention few of major ones.

First, there are two main categories of the SAP UI themes based on Unified Rendering (UR):

·        UR Classic = Unified Rendering Classic or UR 1.0
·        LS = Unified Rendering Lightspeed or UR 2.0

In general the UR is a SAP proprietary HTML rendering and JavaScript library for SAP UI technologies.

Frameworks (UI technologies) that use UR Classic are (at this point of time):
·        Web Dynpro ABAP (WDA-UR): SAP NetWeaver 7.00, SAP NetWeaver 7.10 
·        Web Dynpro Java (WDA-UR):  all SAP Netwaever releases out of maintenance ( <= SAP NetWeaver 7 EhP2 (7.02) )
·        Business Server Pages (BSP)
·        HTMLB for Java
·        SAP BEx Web Analyzer (Business Intelligence - BI)

Frameworks (UI technologies) that use UR are (at this point of time):
·        Web Dynpro ABAP (WDA-LS): >= SAP NetWeaver 7 EhP1, >= SAP NetWeaver 7.11
·        Web Dynpro Java (WDJ-LS): >= SAP NetWeaver 7.10)
·        SAPGUI for HTML (HTMLGUI-LS): ABAP kernel integrated ITS
·        Lightspeed Server Faces (LSF)

SAP GUI themes:
SAP Belize Theme – started in 2016, adopted Fiori 2 theme for classic applications
SAP Blue Crystal Theme – started in 2013 came with a new color scheme (blue and white), revised UI elements, revised SAP GUI icons, it was inspired by the Blue Crystal Design in SAP Fiori.
Corbu Theme – started in 2012 came with reduced contrast and revised SAP GUI icons
SAP Signature Theme – started in 2008 as of SAP GUI 7.4, the theme was offered for all SAP UI technologies in order to ensures the harmonization of different UIs
System Dependent Theme – inherits theme from SAP backend system
Tradeshow Theme – refined Streamline Theme
Streamline Theme – introduced first for SAP Enterprise Portal product
Enjoy Theme – started in 1999 as of SAP GUI 4.6
Classic Theme – started in 1999, OS Windows theme up to Windows 2000
For details see also post called: SAP GUI visual designs.

Fiori 3 themes:
SAP Quartz (Light/Dark)

Fiori 2 themes:
SAP Belize (Deep/Contrast White/Contrast Black)

Fiori 1 themes:
SAP Blue Crystal

SAP NetWeaver 7 EhP2 themes:
SAP Corbu
SAP Gold Reflection - alias for SAP Corbu theme

Custom themes can be created with SAP UI Theme Designer and  Portal Theme Editor:
SAP Tradeshow
SAP Tradeshow Plus - also known as SAP Signature Design

More information:
710719 - SAP GUI family and visual designs ("themes")
2000110 - Unified Rendering
2124106 - Themes for Unified Rendering based UI technologies (Web Dynpro ABAP/Java, BSP, SAP GUI for HTML, BI, JSF)

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