Monday, July 4, 2011

How to work with RSADMIN table

RSADMIN table is important table from BW system customizing point of view. It does contain a lot of crucial parameters which are influencing BW system. For list of all parameters of consult to note 912367 - Composite Note: RSADMIN Parameter.

In case you need to either insert/update/delete any parameter of RSADMIN table you can use following ABAP report: SAP_RSADMIN_MAINTAIN

If you need to read parameter’s values on the fly e.g. from your routines in transformation you can use following function module: RSA2_RSADMIN_GET. 

There are couple of methods in ABAP classes which do the same however most of them are private one (e.g. CL_RSDRI_INFOPROV->_RSADMIN_PARAM_READ). Anyway nothing stops you to write short ABAP code snippet which would look like:

  SELECT SINGLE value INTO lv_par_value
FROM  rsadmin
WHERE object = lv_param.

- 08/03/2013 update – 

Best practice is to maintain parameters in the table separately in every BW system in your landscape. Simply speaking you should not have a necessity to transport entries of the table. However if for some reason you want to do it, it is possible:

Use TA SE10 -> Create new transport. Edit new transport manually with following entries:

Prog ID:        R3TR
Object Type: TABU 
Object Name: RSADMIN
Object Key:   names_of_parameters_that_you_want_to_transport

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