Sunday, February 2, 2020

BEx QD error: Hierarchy does not exist for InfoObject

BEx Query Designer may show a below error related to in consistent data in SAP BW hierarchy tables.

037(BRAIN) "The hierarchy &2 &3 &4 does not exist for InfoObject &1"

Issue typically lies within table RSRHIEDIR_OLAP. There might be an inconsistent entries in the table exit. Those entries can be fixed with a help of ABAP program RRHI_CORRECT_OSID_KTAB. 

In addition, depending on particular BW version root cause can be completely different. In case there is a hierarchy node variable that is used in the BEx Query and which is bound into hierarchy that does exist in development BW system but it doesn’t exit in target BW system (Q or P) the error may appear. Tricky part here is that simple re-assignment of the variable definition from non existing to existing hierarchy doesn’t help. Only way that solves the issue is to deletion of such hierarchy node variable and its recreation again from the scratch.

More information:

1900360 - BRAIN037 during query execution using a hierarchy with THJ
2754938 - Enhancement of hierarchy correction report (rsrhiedir_olap)
2433852 - How to repair inconsistent Hierarchies

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