Monday, February 10, 2020


As of 25th of February 2019 a successor to GUI 7.5 (for Windows) was introduced. Following features are counted as a major or new enhancements:
As it is built on, Visual Studio 2017 that is supported by Microsoft until April 2022.

From user interface point of view:
It further supports Belize theme that can be used for all SAP products, which are presently supported by SAP.

Various improvements implemented for the support of SAP Screen Personas in SAP GUI. SAP Business Client Integration.

End user help for the SAP GUI is no longer delivered as .chm documents; instead, it is a collection of HTML documents.

Themes like Enjoy / Streamline / Tradeshow / System Dependent were removed from the delivery of SAP GU.

SAP UI Landscape is available as a replacement of saplogon.ini file as a contained for all SAP GUI related settings.

Restore & Clean-up” option available in Options of the GUI to allow restoring SAP GUI default settings and delete locally stored files.

Also in the options dialog and Import and Export of SAP GUI settings is now available.

Grid View (ALV) Control now offers an input history like edit fields or table control cells. The history persists per column and allows an easy re-use of values which are frequently entered by the user.

SAPPDFPrint is now integrated into the SAP GUI installation.

From GUI installation point of view:
Introduction of SAP GUI for Windows "core" patches and "delta patches". The core ones are now full installations of the SAP GUI and delta ones only contain those files which have been changed since the initial delivery. Notice that in this case you always need installation media called "Compilation" to install SAP GUI afterwards you can do deltas.

More information:
2600384 - New and changed features in SAP GUI for Windows 7.60

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