Friday, February 28, 2020

Programs for migrating a BW systems

In SAP BW (as well as APO) systems, a report SAP_BW_MIGRATION exists. It contains help routines for different activities that are normally performed with the BW systems: migrating of BW systems between different DB or OS systems, system copies, UNICODE conversions, etc. In some BW systems similar report called NW_SAP_BW_MIGRATION can be available as well. Although the report was more important in older (pre-HANA DB) BW releases it is will available there.

Additionally there is a report RS_BW_PRE_MIGRATION which is focused on providing an information related to DB platform range partitioning. Result might be useful to identify potential issues relate to the partitioning.

More information:

615531 - DB6: How to migrate a SAP BW 2.x system to DB6
543715 - BW Migrations and System Copies for BW 2.0B / 2.1 Content

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