Monday, February 17, 2020

Table RSBKADMIN – DTP System Specific Attributes

One of tables that carry data specific to DTP attributes in BW is table RSBKADMIN. Although from pure customizing/setup point of view the tables is not foresaw as configuration table there are few parameters that can be introduced into the table. Before implementing any of the parameters below always check SAP support Notes and carefully review whether it is valid for your specific BW release.

Field           Value           Note          Description

DTP_TRAN_BATCH_SET                 X             1412351        2665713          

Enables the parallelization settings for data transfer processes (DTPs) to be written to the same transport request when the DTPs are exported.

DTPA_MATCH_ORDER_INS            POI               1413183      DTP transports stability
DTPA_MATCH_ORDER_DEL           IOP               1413183       DTP transports stability

NUMBER_OF_TRIES                      >10              1344464       
Value is * 10 seconds as a time for which the system waits for a free batch process before it fails

RSBK_OHD_HANDLED_AS_DM       OH name/$ALL$ 2217444   
Open Hubs to be managed as data marts

DISABLE_LATE_MAT_HINT_OFF               2512058       
Deactivation of DB hint for all DTPs

DM-EXTRACT-DEBUG                    cube/DSO name       2664950       
Copy DTP settings batch, selection etc, while using copy tools like t-code RSCOPY

USEALLPARALLELPROCS                       X            1953252      
DTP_TECH_NAME                         USEALLPARALLELPROCS     
Few parallel background work processes generated

DTP_TECH_NAME                         DELTA_CHECK_DONE  2363098
When propagating data via delta DTPs, extracting from an ADSO and updating an non ADSO  one of the following problems, causing data inconsistencies in the target of the DTP, may occur:
-Requests from the ADSO are propagated multiple times by the same delta DTP, in non-deleted requests
-Requests from the ADSO are not propagated by a delta DTP
NO_LATE_START_OF_CHILDREN                        2561210       2181717          
System prevents batch jobs of DTPs from ending themselves again if too little work is available

Allowing extraction of red error requests again

DEBUG_DTP_START_IN_PC                               2810067
Debugging of DTP in PC

NO_LATE_START_OF_CHILDREN                 2181717       
Disallow later starting of new children


NO_NEW_DTP_REQ_LOG              1567992
NO_NEW_DTP_REQ_LOG              X                            
Deactivating of new DTP logs for all or specific DTP

ODP-DM-DEBUG               2598503       
Debug loop in new ODP DM per DataSource

ENQ_DTPH_CHECK                       X                  2728578      
Do not write traces/TE1 messages into tables RSENQSM21PROT and RSENQSTACK

ICUBE_NO_GROUP_BY_EXTRACTION cube/DSO name    2877623       
Switch off of performing a Group_By for InfoCube extraction

MESS_TYPES_9000                      AEXW           1646307       
If a warning messages need to be added into DTP log after the 9000th message

WODSO-DELCHECK-FORALLENTRIES        OFF     2124611       
Reactivation of old method for processing the SELECTs on the tables RSSTATMANREQMDEL and RSBKREQUEST during the update of a delta request to a write-optimized DSO

DROPDTA_DEL_RSBKDATA_TOO               1793726       
Enables RSBKDATA and RSBKDATAINFO tables deletion synchronously when the data target content is deleted completely

If you want to delete the 1900... requests that were generated by the new request transfer

DTP_OLD_TT_TRFN_MAPP             ALL               2888462       
Improvements to DTP transfer with respect to messages generated

USE_OLD_CONTROL_IN_MANAGE           2161530       
Table control to be replaced by an SAP List Viewer (ALV) for manage screen of ADSO objects

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