Friday, December 24, 2021

BW’s InfoArea vs Application components

In BW we often hear terms like infoarea and application component. Let’s have a closer look on the two.

InfoArea (IA) as per its definition (on SAPterm - SAP Terminology) is an element for grouping meta-objects in the SAP BW systems. Each InfoProvider is assigned to the IA. Resulting hierarchy is displayed in BW’s Administrator Workbench. BW’s InfoObjects are also assigned to IAs. Table that holds data about the IA in BW is RSDAREA (Directory of InfoAreas).

Application component (APCO) has a relation to source system’s (OLTP) datasources. Historically when SAP started to deliver the datasources (within Business Content) for their EPR system they followed an application’s hierarchy of the ERP. In addition, that part had to reflect into BW as well. There are t-codes like RSA9 that can be used in ERP source system to transfer source system’s application component hierarchy to BW. Thus while speaking of the APCO think of hierarchy of applications in the source system.

However, relation between the application component hierarchy in the OLTP system and BW system are independed from each other. They are also stored in different tables. BW’s APCO is stored in the table RSAPPL (Application components directory). Whereas DataSource application component hier is stored in the table RODSAPPL DataSource Application Components.

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