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SAP BW DTIS - Data Transfer Intermediate Storage

DTP or Data Transfer Process is used in SAP BW systems to manage how a data is transferred between two objects: source and target. The DTP determines what transformation(s) is used, what filters on source data is applied, how data is packaged, whether whole data load runs in parallel and many more other things. In addition, mode of the data load is given on the DTP level: whether it is a full or delta one.

DTPs were introduced in BW 7.x. Prior this BW version InfoPackages were used to manage the data loads. Over the years the DTPs were enhanced adding more features like error DTPs (sometimes called error stack). The error DTPs are special type of DTP that enables to update the records to data target. During the data load if there are any records present that is not possible to be written to the data target they are collected in the error DTP.
DTIS enhances the concept of the error DTP and takes it further. Data from source is extracted to intermediate storage and processed by the DTP from there. The intermediate storage is then used for loading of the data and for error DTP as well if error handling is active for the respective DTP.

DTIS was introduced in BW/4 1.0 SP04. Technically, it is a persistence layer represented by a table with technical key for error handling. The table is generated when the DTP is activated, or when a SAP HANA transformation is generated for each DTP source object upon generation. In case there are many DTPs for the same source object there is only one intermediate storage generated.

To enable the DTP to use the DTIS on Extraction tab a checkbox Grouped Extraction needs to be enabled. In older BW releases, the checkbox is called Semantic Grouping. Setting this checkebox basically the DTP is forced to use DTIS.

How to check whether the DTP was executed in DTIS mode? On DTP data load request monitor screen (t-code RSDTP or similar) just observe log text like “Filling Data Transfer Intermediate Storage”.

In case the DTP is not possible to get into active status due to error message like below:

Inconsistency in the DTP: DTIS can not be generated. Message no. RSBK403

Operation dp_v->GET_DTP_SHE_SUPPORT could not be carried out for NO_DTIS_POSSIBLE DTP_00O2SPBFBCP7H7ASKNPICITSZ Message no. RS_EXCEPTION120

Transformation does not exist Message no. RSTRAN010


The transformation specified by transformation ID , source  and target , does not exist.

System Response

The system terminates processing.

Error while saving Data Transfer Process DTP_00O2SPBFBCP7H7ASKNPICITSZ

Then try to switch on and off following Transformation and/or DTP settings:

- -      Set the transformation execution mode to ABAP runtime

- -      Switch off parallel processing of the DTP off

- -      Switch off grouped extraction

- -      Switch off error handling

- -      Make sure DTIS supports your scenario, e.g. infoproviders involved are not BPC one (/CPMB/* namespace), etc. review the Note 3037467


More information:

Online docu

3037467 - DTIS overview

2849599 - No DTIS possible

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