Saturday, February 6, 2021


On 29th Jan 2021 a new version 7.7 of SAP GUI was released. Following are a few new features in this version.

UI point of view:


1. New visual theme family "Quartz” – It is a successor to the Belize theme supporting FIORI 3. Most important improvement is a “dark mode” – so called Quartz Dark. As the dark mode on computers became very popular, also SAP is finally coming with it.

2. Placeholder characters in password field – Similarly to other applications the SAP GUI is also showing the placeholder characters (dots or asterisk) while user is entering the password. Feature can be switch on by enabling a new option "Show placeholder characters".


1. TAB separated Copy & Paste – While copying data from the SAP GUI screens a data can copied with TAB to separate it. This enables easier copying to e.g. MS Excel. Microsoft Windows registry settings needs to be maintain to enable this feature (HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SAP\SAPGUI Front\SAP Frontend Server\Customize\CopyAndPasteTabSeparated).

2. SAP Business Client Integration: User timeout – SAP GUI and SAP Business Client now share information whether a user is still active to prevent timeouts.

3. Multi-Monitor-Scaling support – Monitor scaling can be based now also on non primary monitor only.


Technical point of view:

1. Browser control (Edge based on Chromium) – As Microsoft moved their web browser strategy to chromium based browser (Edge). Integration of SAP GUI HTML Control with chromium enables calls of the browsers from SAP GUI.

2. 64bit versions of NWRFC controls – There are controls (logon, function, BAPI, table factory) to be used for getting data from SAP systems without SAP GUI. Up to this version of the SAP GUI were only delivered in 32-bit version.

3. Improved version of SAP GUI Scripting “Record and Playback” dialog – due to issues recording of SAP GUI Scripting was re-implemented.

4. Overflow for buttons in a footer of dialog boxes (popups) – GUI now puts all buttons which do not fit into the dialog box into an overflow button. Displaying a button "..." as a context menu containing all buttons for which not enough space was available.


More information:

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