Tuesday, December 29, 2015


In August this year SAP announced that it is entering into big unstructured data analysis. Well when it comes to big data we usually talk about Hadoop. The Apache Hadoop an open source software framework written in Java. Its purpose is to process and store very large data sets on computer clusters built from commodity hardware. With this regards SAP introduced new product called SAP HANA VORA which is in-memory engine that allows applying of business analytics to unstructured data e.g. provided by Hadoop based systems. Using the VORA SAP enables SAP Hana to analyze the data sitting in Hadoop.

In general there are following three use cases for the Vora:

Precise decision – combine biz data with data from external sources
Democratize Data Access – make data mashups based on enterprise and Hadoop data and analyze them in OLAP tools.
Simplify big data ownership access and process corporate and Hadoop data in single solution.

As a curiosity one may wonder what the name VORA means. Seems it is combination of words like “velocity” and “Velociraptor” both combined to just Vora.

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