Sunday, December 27, 2015

SAP Activate - methodology

This year (at Sapphire 2015) SAP introduced a new methodology for implementing and running SAP solutions. Traditionally SAP has its own methodology called AcceleratedSAP (ASAP). It supports the implementation of the SAP systems (including upgrade projects). The ASAP provides many tools to support all stages of an implementation project, from project planning to maintenance of the SAP system. Tools in ASAP are comprised of Implementation Assistant (IA) and the Question and Answer database (Q&Adb). The AI contains the ASAP Roadmap, and provides a structured framework for an implementation, optimization or upgrade project. The Q&Adb tool allows setting the project scope and generating Business Blueprint (BP) using the SAP Reference Structure (IMG) as a basis.

The ASAP It embraces two branches (in form of V letter) of work involved within the software delivery – V model. Left side of the V always deals with defining the requirement and detailing the change and the right side of the V ensure that for each item in the left side there is a corresponding activity which verifies that the change done is as per the requirement, design etc.

The ASAP methodology was evolving since introduction of R/3 around year 1992. However rest of software methodology world has moved on. In mid of last decade a huge influence on software development was made through agile methodology. It allows implementing functionality in short iterative cycles (sprints). Prioritization is considered in agile as well. In the most needed and important functionality is implemented first. The methodology generates results faster; stakeholders can have insight into the value immediately, it increases flexibility of the implementation and enables monitoring of progress.

Apart of ASAP started also with another initiative called Rapid Deployment Solutions (RDS). These are type of easy-to-deploy solution packages containing software, configuration content and services. It enables organizations to deploy software in weeks or months for a set price.

In advent of SAP S/4 HANA also introduced in this year there is a need to enable organization to pick it up quickly as possible. All these created room for new kind of methodology to deploy S/4 HANA. So what SAP did was that they emerged SAP Best Practices, Guided Configurations (including RDS) into one methodology called SAP Activate Methodology. It is a successor of the ASAP and it comes together with support offerings (e.g. SAP MaxAttention). Also other principles like pre-assembly, cloud ready, validate solution, agile build and quality build-in were embraced too. At the end the SAP Activate, which is a combination of best practices, guided configuration, and methodology optimized for S/4HANA.

The current ASAP methodology will not be developed further and it will stay in its current version (ASAP 8). New content will only be adding into the SAP Activate.

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