Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Possibilities of Process Chain monitoring

Monitoring of Process Chains (PC) is very important part of BW system administration. Basically only successful run of the PC guarantees that there is up to date data for BW reports. There are many different tools which can be used to monitor of the PC. In this blog post I will focus only on the tools that can be employed for automatic monitoring without manual interaction of administrator. In all cases described below an email with the status of the PC run is being sent out to dedicated user.

1. CCMS: tcode RSMON -> Monitors -> BI CCMS; The CCMS gives a list of the PC available in the system. If an distribution list together with message for process of the PC is created then the CCMS will sent an email as the PC’s alerts happens.

More information about whole setup can be found here.

2. tcode ALRTCATDEF – here an recipient list is created and together with alert settings for selected process chain failure is setup (in tcode RSPC -> menu Process Chain -> Attributes -> Alerting -> check an checkbox “Send Alerts if Error Occur”) then email notification is sent out. In this case the PC’s property needs to be changed for every PC to be monitored as settings's flag (alerting) needs to be checked.

More information about whole setup can be found here.

3. tcode RSPCM - simply particular PC needs to added and notification maintained. This case comes with less implementation effort. No chains will need to be transported.

More information about whole setup can be found here.

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