Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Little help while implementing SAP Notes

Implementing SAP Notes is not an easy task. Although it is automated we can’t still talk about full automation of the task. There are still many tasks which need to be manually performed by someone who does the implementation. For some part I think there is no possibility to fully automate them.  However there are areas while SAP Notes processing which can be nicely automated.

Recently I read and blog post which address one of most painful parts. It is downloading the SAP Notes itself. We all know it. A bug in spotted in the system and SAP Note is found to fix it. Then someone (usually SAP Basis or ABAP programmer) is asked to do so. In case the Note is just one correction without any manual activities it is piece of cake. The Note is just simply downloaded in SNOTE (Note Assistant) tcode. Then it is implemented. Once it is tested it just needs to be confirmed in the SNOTE that implementation is okay.

However many times we are facing the SAP Notes that are having either many corrections, or they have may other SAP Notes as prerequisites or are having many manual steps. To address download of prerequisites Notes there is a tool that enables to upload multiple notes into SNOTE at one shot. You can easily download the Notes from SAP marketplace via Download Manager into local machine. Then via using this tool you can upload all the Notes form the workstation to SNOTE.

The tool is delivered via ABAP program ZSCWN_NOTES_UPLOAD - Load multiple notes files into SNOTE. More details about the tool see in blog: Report-zscwnnotesupload--load-multiple-notes-files-into-snote.

I found this tool very useful. I applaud Frank Buchholz who seems to be an author. Good job!

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