Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Maintenance of user’s favorites in SAP NetWeaver Portal

SAP NetWeaver Portal is very common environment for accessing of BW Queries. Users have just one single point of access to the queries. It is very common for BW or Portal administrator to manage user’s favorites in Portal. Users have requirements to copy favorites from one user to other or to delete some reports from the user’s favorites. Here’s is how to perform such a tasks.

Copying of the favorites:

Login into the SAP NetWeaver Portal and then navigate into following path:

portal -> Content Administration -> KM Content -> root folder -> userhome

Now select the user which favorites are to be copied; go inside its folder and via context menu choose COPY:

Go to userhome -> and select the user to whom you want to copy the favorites to -> Click on favorites -> and then “OK”

Delete reports from the user’s favorites:
Similarly go into the folder of the user under path similar as above and via context menu delete the particular item which corresponds to the report that is supposed to be removed form user’s favorites.

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