Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Personalizing of BW reports running in JAVA web reporting environment

Recently one user ran into strange issue with standard report. He was able to run the report on one day with predefined layout and on another day the layout was gone and he was not able to get it to original report layout. For all other users report looked like before in its original layout. The issue was only occurring in web reporting on top of JAVA stack. In case the user ran in ABAP based web reporting or in BEX Analyzer the report was just fine.

There were other strange things popping up while making an attempt to run the report. In case user tried to make right click on the report he got errors like following:

Error: Variable Entry No variables available Cancel

Error: Incorrect Output Type on Rendering Context Menu Snippets (!= OUTPUT)

Issue is caused by the fact that user somehow managed to activate personalization on that particular report. He was perhaps clicking too much into the report (nervous finger problem) and he accidently clicked on context menu where he choose item “Personalize Web Application” and sub item “Personalize”. This caused that layout that was changed by him before was saved and every time he accessed the report he was getting different report that original report’s layout.

The issue was resolved by deactivating the personalization. It was very hard to manage to click on the context menu and to choose “Delete Personalization” but finally we have done that and it resolved the issue.

You can only face this issue in the system where personalization of web reports is active. You can check that by running program: RS_PERS_ACTIVATE. The program also enables switching the personalization on and off. Here’s how the program looks like when also all other personalization types are active:

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