Wednesday, December 16, 2015

ABAP web reporting URL parameters

Sometime back I wrote post about parameters of web reporting’s URL. That post was related to different parameters that we can employ into URL of web reporting based on JAVA or ABAP stack. In this post I want to list more parameter of ABAP based web reporting.
Recently I had to do stress tests of BW system. Most of my test cases involved web reporting. I need to quickly run multiple reports with deferent selection screen’s values. So I prepared simple HTML page where I put URL pointing to ABAP stack of the BW system. Each URL carried different parameter for BW report. Here are some of URL parameters I leveraged in my HTML page.

Parameters to address single value type of variable:
QUERY – mandatory parameter which tells the system which query to run
VAR_NAME_X – technical name of variable which is present on selection screen, where X is number to identity the variable
VAR_VALUE_EXT_X – value of variable on selection screen

Example of URL:

Parameters to address interval type of variable:
QUERY – see above
VAR_NAME_X - Technical name of the variable on report’s selection
VAR_VALUE_LOW_EXT_ X – "From" value for interval variable
VAR_VALUE_HIGH_EXT_X – "To" value for interval variable

Parameters to address select option type of variable:
QUERY – see above
VAR_NAME_X - see above
VAR_OPERATOR_X – Operator, following values are possible:
'EQ' = Individual value
'BT' = Interval
'LT' = Less than
'LE' = Less than or equal to
'GT' = Greater than
'GE' = Greater than or equal to
VAR_VALUE_LOW_EXT_ X - "From" value for select option variable
VAR_VALUE_HIGH_EXT_ X - "To" value for select option variable
VAR_SIGN_ X – in case it equals to 'I' values are included into the report’s output, in case 'E' found values are removed

Lastly I want to mention that as per my tests these parameters are valid for web reporting based on ABAP Stack of SAP BW.

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