Wednesday, December 23, 2015

How to find trace file associated with ABAP dump

There is a lot of “magic” with in the ABAP dumps. I mean there is a lot of information hidden in there. Only very careful reading of the dump can help us a lot while analyzing an issue why the dump occurred. Today I’m not going to go through the all the information that is provided with the dump. There are very useful guides on this topic which can be found under following links: Part I, Part II.

Instead I just want to point to possibilities how to find a so called developer trace (or just trace) associated with the dump. The trace log is written by each kernel component (e.g. work processes, message server, gateway, etc.) and it depicts all of their activities.
The developer traces can be found in folder DIR_HOME of particular SAP instance. It usually points to “/usr/sap///work” directory. Here there are files with naming conversion dev_w stored.

So in case ABAP dump as you read it in tcode ST22 makes no sense to you; you may need to dig deeper into developer traces to find out low level details of issue. You can search for the trace corresponding to the ABAP dump as per their common date and time stamp.

To brose the developer traces you can use tcode ST11 – Error log File, or browse the folder with the traces via t-code AL11.

More information:

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