Monday, September 30, 2013


Earlier this year SAP came with their new UI technology called SAP UI5. Wait a moment don't they have other UI technologies? Right they do have. Let's do some check and list some of them:

SAPGUI, NetWeaver Business Client (NWBC), browser-based classic dynpros (HTMLB), Business Server Pages (BSP), webDynpro for Java and ABAP, SAP CRM web client, SRM web client, Interactive Forms by Adobe,…

So why new UI? We can look at SAPUI5 as SAP’s HTML5 controls library. SAP is using it as the standard User Interface Control library in all their future applications that need a “consumer grade” User Experience. From technical perspective UI5 is based on HTML/CSS/Javascript and built on open libraries such as jQuery. SAP basically took what was available in open source standards like JQuery, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS and only enhanced it where there was lack of enterprise functions. UI5 is optimized to consume REST/OData services as exposed by e.g. SAP HANA, SAP Netweaver Gateway, SAP HANA Cloud Gateway etc.

SAPUI5 is bundled with SAP NetWeaver Cloud (code name Neo or Project River) which is OnDemand offering or Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS).

UI5 get to know

- 28/01/2014 update -
SAPUI5 has twin buddy called OpenUI5 which is basically same thing just open source based.

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