Monday, February 15, 2016

Parameters of RSADMINA table

In today’s post I introduce another important customizing table of BW. Among tables like RSADMIN and RSADMINC it is RSADMINA table. Similarly to previous ones it also stores params need to BW system functioning properly.

For BW/4 related RSADMINA params see here.

General parameters

CUSTOMIZID                ID for Customizing in BW. For the BW system a value of this param is always BW.

BWMANDT                    Unique client in BW. For the BW system a value of this param must be maintained.

BWMANDTRFC              Multiple Client Function: Destination in BW Clients. In case BW is used in as system with more than one client then this param is used. It can be a case of an APO system since APO customizing is client dependent unlike BW where it is independent. Param technically enables working with BW in different clients.

TPBWMANDTRFC          After-Import: Destination in Target Clients. This parameter is a destination used during the import post processing for the logon from client 000 into the target client.
BEX_REQUEST               Transport Request number for BEx

BW users related parameters

BW_USER                      User in BW for ALE communication

DEBUG_USER               User permitted for Debugging. Some of BW processes (e.g. staging: loads, DSO activation, etc.) perform a checks for this user and these processes are forced to wait for a specified amount of time before they continue. Therefore never run BW processes with this user.

HANA/BWA related parameters

TREX_RFC_DEST                        RFC Destination for BIA Indexes or HANA appliance

Data loads related parameters

MDINSRECBYREC         Loading Master Data: Use Single Record Insert Statement. Refers to the addition of data records when loading master data attributes. The two values that follow are provided:
initial: For the addition of records to the database, a mass insert statement is used (standard)
X: For the addition of records to the database, a single record insert statement is used (debugging)

PAK_MD_DEL                 Package-Based Deletion of Master Data

MONFILLED                  Monitor initialization completed. Used internally if monitor is run for the first time and has made its initial entries.

IDOCLASTNBR              Last IDoc type number. Param used to define and make unique the name of the basic IDoc type for the source system connection ('number range').

ISLASTNBR                    Last number entered for InfoSource

MONARCHNBR                (Next free) archive number for monitor

XPRADONE                    XPRA executed (2.0a)

ODSMAXTASKS              Maximum Number of Parallel Processes in ODS Activation

ODSMINPAKSIZE          Minimum Number of Data Records per Data Package (ODS Activ.)

ODSACTTIMEOUT          Maximum Wait Time in Secs. for ODS Activation

ENQ_PROT_ON             Switch-on Logs for Lock Manager. Writes an application log for each lock that is requested in the lock manager.

ODSSERVGROUP          Server Group (RZ12) for RFC Call when Activating Data in DataStore used for parallel ODS activation. The parallelization accesses the active table when determining the system ID and during the insert operation. Use tcode RSODSSETTINGS to maintain the param.

Obsolete parameters

DBSYSDEPGLOBL          Name of a generated global program (OBSOLETE)

DBSYSDEPREAD             Name of a generated program (OBSOLETE)

HIERREL                      Release status of application hierarchy DWB (OBSOLETE). . Is evaluated while metadata upload takes place to decide whether the hierarchy is overwritten or not. Used in release 2.0A below       .

TSLASTNBR                   Last number entered of a transfer structure (OBSOLETE)

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