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BW Workspace

Similarly as field based modeling BW Workspace aims to enable rapid modeling in SAP BW environment. It addresses gaps usually occurring during the BW implementation and application maintenance projects where conflicts between IT teams and power users from business departments are occurring. The IT department maintains and governs BW data models centrally. Every change requested goes under usually strictly defined change management process and in the end it is not delivered at speed the business department would want. The business is changed rapidly and to be able to react on market changes the business people need to have agile processes in place to address these changes in their IT systems.

The BW Workspace can help the business departments with its kind of a sandbox space where they can create data models for ad-hoc scenarios. Creation of these is supported by tools which allow combine centrally developed BW data objects (by IT) with locally created objects (InfoProviders) by business users. So called locally created objects are usually based on flat files data, data from existing BEx Queries or DataSources. The sandbox in these terms is called as Workspace and is managed by IT department however the Workspace can be used by business which means also then can create new objects within the workspace.  

Usually within the BW Workspace there are three types of users: Admin which defines workspace and data scope in it. Developer role has an access to use the workspace created by admin. The developer or let’s say designer can create a data model to support reporting as per needs. Finally End User has an access to providers created in workspace and the queries / dashboards based on them.

Prerequisites for using BW Workspace are as follows:
·         SAP NetWeaver BW 7.30 SP1 or higher
·         Workspace ABAP AddOn for BW7.30 (includes ABAP WebDynpro application)
·         SAP NetWeaver BWA 7.20 or SAP HANA 1.0 SP05 – the BW Workspace doesn’t work on system where neither HANA nor BWA is available.
·         For users (like developer and end user) who will work with BW Workspace object an Active Component Framework (ACF) needs to be installed on their machines (ACF712SP00_47-20006190)

Following ICF services are required to be activated for the BW Workspace Designer application (Web Dynpro application). They need to be enabled via t-code SICF:

For more details on the BW Workspaces configuration see here.

Admin part: means creation of new workspaces objects takes place in SAP GUI in t-code RSWSP or RSWSPW. Here a central provider(s) can be assigned to the workspace. Also other options are available here like maintaining properties of the workspace, checking of data and status of Local (Composite) Providers, maintain users who are allowed with particular workspace, etc. Notice that technical names of tech name of e.g. CompositeProviders always starts with "@3".

Developer/designer part: activities here happen in web dynpro application that can be launched via t-code NWBC from SAP GUI. Users here can create or enhance new or existing models for data analysis. New InfoProviders (Local Provider / Local Composite Provider / Local Characteristics) can be created here. In case of the Composite Provider e.g. local data can be mashed up with data in BW’s classic InfoProviders using union or join.

User part:  here user is in usually reporting front end tool like BEx Query Analyzer or newer 
SAP Analysis Office for Excel (AO) where user just runs BW queries as usual.

Useful links:

SMP component: BW-BEX-OT-WSP BW Workspace

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