Thursday, February 11, 2016

ABAP Tools Menu

I recently found one interesting transaction. It has very curious name thought. It is called AMEN - ABAP Tools Menu. It may be useful for ABAP programmers as it servers as central point to run few not very known ABAP tools. User interface of the code looks really prehistoric (created on 27.08.2002) however it is still intuitive. Whichever tool one would want to run it just needs to double click on respective line.

Following tools are available in the t-code AMEN:

General tools:
SYNT            Syntax Trace Analysis on Program Check
SAMT            ABAP Program Set Processing
SCI               SAP Code Inspector
SCOV            Coverage Analyzer

Verification tools:
UCCHECK       Unicode Check with Long Text
SLIN             ABAP Program Extended Syntax Check
SM31            Maintenance view for table T100 Message Maintenance
SE30             Runtime Analysis (replaced by tcode SAT)
RSHOWTIM    Runtime of ABAP Objects Statements
SE33             Context Builder

RABAX Texts:
RSNAPDOK    Maintenance view for table SNAPT – ABAP Runtime Errors
SM31            Maintain Syntax Error Messages

BSP Display Tools:
BSP_SHOW_SOURCE Display Page Source Display (Internal/External)

Syntax Diagrams:

RSXBNFDP     Display Syntax Diagrams for Keyword

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