Monday, February 15, 2016

Process chain job priority

Scheduling a process chain (PC) is regular activity done by BW administrator very often. When it is going on usually we start tcode like RSPC and in PC’s maintenance screen we do scheduling of the PC via F8 button. There is a job at the end scheduled in the system which actually runs the PC. While we do the PC scheduling as next a popup which asks us to enter the job priority comes. Usually not many people know what that the job priority is about. On the popup there is a radio button with three positions: The job Priority A, B, C. By default it comes preselected to position of A. Sometimes the job priority is called as the job class in other words.

·         High priority:  Class A
·         Medium priority: Class B
·         Low priority: Class C

Difference between the job classes is that when the job is selected as A then work process will be locked for particular job. If it is class C then it will be waiting the work process.

If there would not be a job class specified by user in method ACTIVATE of class CL_RSPC_CHAIN it would be set to C. Therefore it always safety to put job class C while scheduling the PCs. By this we avoid locking the work process.

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