Monday, February 15, 2016

How to work with RSADMINA and RSADMINC tables

Similarly to maintenance of table RSADMIN we need to maintain also other BW’s customizing tables. Some of these are tables RSADMINARSADMINS and RSADMINC. The tables stores important customizing parameters. There is a bunch of special tcodes which enable maintenance of table.

RSCUSTV1             BW Customizing - View 1
RSCUSTV2             BW Customizing - View 2
RSCUSTV3             BW Customizing - View 3
RSCUSTV4             BW Customizing - View 4
RSCUSTV5             BW Customizing - View 5
RSCUSTV6             BW Customizing - View 6
RSCUSTV7             BW Customizing - View 7
RSCUSTV8             BW Customizing - View 8
RSCUSTV9             BW Customizing - View 9
RSCUSTV10            BW Customizing - View 10
RSCUSTV11            BW Customizing - View 11
RSCUSTV12            Microsoft Analysis Services
RSCUSTV13            RRI Settings for Web Reporting
RSCUSTV14            OLAP: Cache Parameters
RSCUSTV15            BW Customizing - View 11
RSCUSTV16            BW Reporting
RSCUSTV17            Settings: Currency Translation
RSCUSTV18            DB Connect Settings
RSCUSTV19            InfoSet Settings
RSCUSTV21            BW Customizing - View 21
RSCUSTV23            Analysis Authorization System
RSCUSTV24            Quantity Conversion: Buffer Setting
RSCUSTV25            Database Interface/Performance
RSCUSTV26            Database Interface/Perf. (ORA)
RSCUSTV27            Set Standard Web Templates
RSCUSTV28            Determine Settings for Web Templates
RSCUSTV29            Settings for Web Template
RSCUSTV30            Load Distribution for Analys. Proc.

Apart of the special tcodes there is also other more straight forward way how to maintain particular parameter of the tables mentioned. It is function module RSCC_RSADM_ACC. However a prerequisite is there that the parameter that is supposed to be maintained must be known upfront.

Interface of the FM RSCC_RSADM_ACC is very simple. Following two input parameters of the FM are mandatory:

FIELDNAME = a field of the table which is supposed to be maintained
ACTION = U=Update / S=Select / I=Insert
ADMINVALUE = value of the parameter specified in field FIELDNAME

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