Monday, February 1, 2016

Deletion of BEx workbooks

Sometimes during cleanup or maintenance activities there are many obsolete workbooks found in the BW systems. Even in case just one orphaned workbooks is found that was linked to query which was just test query such workbook needs to be deleted. In best case we ask user who created the workbook to delete. But in case when user left organization long time back someone else needs to step in and delete the workbook.

The question is how to perform it. We can do it in following ways:

1. Function module RRMX_WORKBOOKS_DELETE run it in tcode SE37 and provide following input parameters:

I_OBJVERS                       A

Notice that there are no any messages neither return code returned by the FM. In case deletion is successful there are no output parameters at all.

2. T-code RSZDELETE: In this case also query on which the workbook is originated is deleted. On selection screen provide report technical ID and thick off “Workbooks” check box.

On next screen select DELETE checkbox for corresponding query:

Once it is finished following confirmation popup is displayed:

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