Tuesday, February 14, 2023

BW4 – Parameters of RSADMINA table

I described parameters of table RSADMINA (Control Table That Customer Can Change (Tenant-Specific)) table in my earlier post here. However since introduction of BW/4 systems there are more params in the mentioned table.


TLOGO_EXEC_DISAB       TLOGO Types: Automatic Execution Deactivated


BW4HANA_SWITCH         SAP BW, Edition for SAP HANA Switch, provides an information about BW4 operating mode.

Possible values:

           unknown (only internal)

0        Add-on not installed

1        Compatibility mode

2        B4H mode


TECH_SCOPE                   Operating Scope, so called Data Warehouse mode: Data Warehouse, Embedded BW, and Embedded Analytics

Possible values:


1        Lean Data Warehouse (ANALYTICS_ONLY)

4        BPC Planning only

16      Data Warehouse (DATA_WAREHOUSE)


TECH_COMPONENTS        Data element for tech. content component


HDI_MODE                       HCPR, IOBJ: Consumption Mode for HANA Native Objects. It checks if HANA DB schema name is equal to ‘_SYS_DI’.

Possible values

0        Repository Version 1 (No HDI Support)

1        Hybrid Support (Repo1 and HDI in parallel)

2        Pure HDI Support (Repo 1 is not supported)


ODATA_AUTO_REL           Release OData Service after Generation, whether BW queries are released automatically for OData consumption.

Comparision of RSADMINA table in BW/4 and classic BW systems:

More information:

Parameters of RSADMINA table

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