Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Report RSPPARAM – display profile parameters

Today - just very quick one related one useful tool. There are transactions available in the system to see what are values of system profile’s parameters. Just to name few:

RZ10                 Maintain Profile Parameters – complex one, you can choose different profiles and 
its version, and you can maintain the parameters here via Extended maintenance radio button

RZ11                 Profile Parameter Maintenance – you can display just one parameter at the same time and change its value

But what to do if I need to see values of several parameters? I do not want to go one by one within TA RZ11… There is nice and handy ABAP report called RSPPARAM. It allows displaying of current settings of the several profile parameters at the same time in one screen. Moreover I can select pattern for name of params using wildcards.

PS: I mentioned this report for first time in this blog at this post: Strange question marks appeared in SAP user interface?

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