Thursday, September 11, 2014

Refresh Function for Individual Query in BEx Analyzer

Sometimes BW power users are maintaining huge workbooks with many queries. Kind of their “personal dashboards” with important data out of BW systems. The problem with these workbooks is that sometimes it takes very long time to get the workbook refreshed. To solve this; users were looking to kind of functionality where they could decide which query contained in the workbook should be refreshed.

Finally this function is available there. It is called "The Single Query refresh" functionality of the BexAnalyzer. It allows refreshing individual queries if there are several queries used in the workbook. Before once user clicked on refresh of one query; it refreshed it but also other queries were refreshed.
To implement this we need:

1. In BW server: enable parameter ANA_SINGLEDPREFRESH with value X in transaction RS_FRONTEND_INIT.

2. In the workbooks: on General tab of the Workbook in Settings dialog, a flag "Allow Refresh Function for Individual Queries" must be checked. Once this is done there in context menu of an item that belongs to the query a query it has one more option called "Refresh This Query".


Unknown said...

Is this also available in BEX 7.x?

Unknown said...

Is the individual query refresh available in BEX 7.x?

Martin Maruskin said...

hi Rene,

this function is available from backend point of view in SAP NetWeaver 7.0 SP 18 and from frontend point of view in BI Frontend Patch 600 for SAP Gui 7.10 or higher.