Monday, September 1, 2014

Mapping between IDoc segment’s fields and SAP application fields

This blog is intended for ABAP developers (me including) dealing with interfaces. In particular the interfaces developed in SAP ALE – means IDoc technology.

From time to time I need to quickly check what is field mapped to field in IDoc’s segment. To do that it is very common to use TA WE60 – Documentation for IDoc basis types. Basically inhere I need to know what IDoc basic type I’m interested in and I can quickly get overview of all the fields within segment of that IDoc basic types are used.  So this gives me a list of all the fields within particular segment (or all segments in particular basic type of IDoc).

However sometimes it is a case other way round. I would like to know what segments are out there where particular SAP application field is used in. For this I can use table EDSAPPL.

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Information regarding EDSAPPL table was very helpful.

Thank you.