Monday, September 29, 2014

What are Eclipse based SAP development tools?

For SAP an Eclipse become an strategic tool. As seen in last few years more and more development tools are moving to Eclipse. The Eclipse is not only the tools for JAVA like languages but SAP is embracing it into more and more offerings for different areas of SAP related development.

Architecture of the tool is as follows. There is a standard open source Integrated Development Environment (IDE) framework of Eclipse. Furthermore there are so called SAP relevant plug-ins into the Eclipse which enhances its functionality for SAP development objects. Plug-in appears in the tool as perspective. There are many different perspectives for different SAP objects.

Here's a short summary of the currently available development tools that are based on the Eclipse:

SAP Visual Composer - A design tool that facilitates the creation of SAP Enterprise Portal content using a visual user interface, rather than writing code. The tool appeared for first time approximately in 2004. Download.

SAP HANA Studio - A collection of tools that manages data and monitors the SAP HANA database. The SAP HANA Studio provides an administration console, a modeler, and a lifecycle management perspective. First time appeared with event of HANA in 2010. Download.

ABAP in Eclipse – First attempts of having Eclipse for ABAP development appeared in Feb 2008. On June 2012 an AiE – ABAP in Eclipse = ABAP Development Tools for SAP NetWaver was released. Download.

SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio – Developers can develop an objects for SAP NetWeaver. Mostly it is related to Web Dynpro for Java applications as there is Web Dynpro perspective available. Also there is a range of toolsets such as the Web Dynpro design time tools, graphical tools for the development of J2EE applications, and Web Service client tools. SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio is integrated into the SAP Java development infrastructure. The SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio appeared approx. in 2005. Download.

SAP NetWeaver Gateway – So called SAP Mobile Platform tools. Development objects are client development objects. The tool helps designing and provisioning OData services for SAP Mobile Platform Download.

SAPUI5 – So called UI Development toolkit for HTML5 (or SAPUI5 tools). SAPUI5 was introduced in 2012. Download.

SAP HANA Cloud Platform tools – Tool for developing of apps for SAP HANA Clpud Platform. Appeared approx. in 2012. Download.

SAP HANA Cloud Integration tools - facilitates the integration of business processes and data across on-premise and cloud applications. Data integration capabilities allow you to efficiently and securely use ETL tasks to move data between on-premises systems and the cloud. It contains following features: Designer and Operations for SAP HANA Cloud Integration. Appeared approx. in 2012. Download.

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