Thursday, September 11, 2014


A lot of data is moved within SAP systems or while SAP systems are interfaced to/from external systems by RFC. RFC stands for Remote Function Call. Basically it means that one systems calls particular function (Function Module) in other system remotely. Needless to say that this functionality is heavily used within SAP.

If the SAP ABAP based (NetWeaver) system is called from other SAP ABAP based system then the system where the call of Function Module is supposed to take place as recognized by destination.

If non SAP ABAP system is calling SAP ABAP system then instead of Function Module programmed function is called. This function is delivered within SAP connector. It does simulate a function module. Depending on platform from where calling app sits there are multiple connectors for SAP available: JAVA, .NET. By this several programming languages are supported: JAVA, C/C++, C#, Visual Basic, PHP, etc.

The RFCs calls can be:

·        Synchronous - Remote function call that waits for the processing of the remote function to be completed

·        Asynchronous - the calling systems is not aware of how processing of the remotely called function ended

·        Transactional – RFC call flags the remote function to be executed and starts it with a COMMIT WORK.

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