Thursday, August 28, 2014

Something about SAP Application Interface Framework (AIF)

In 2010 SAP introduced new solution for monitoring of interfaces from business perspective. It is called SAP Application Interface Framework (AIF) and it enables decoupling of technical and business aspects of interfaces. By this business users can perform error handling and other corrective actions for interfaces in single framework.

While implementing a new interface with utilizing of the AIF there is an implementation framework. Within the framework there are configurable tools where mapping of business values and implementation of business validation rules take place. Following the implementation the mapping and validation are made available in a monitoring cockpit of AIF. In the cockpit the business users can monitor and fix an issue occurred in the interface.

Technically it is delivered as add-on into SAP ERP (ECC, CRM, ..) solution. The lowest version of SAP NetWeaver which is supported by AIF is 7.0 SP17 of Basis and ABAP component.

Basic transactions:
Main costuming of the AIF Use transaction code takes places in TA /AIF/CUST. Value mapping is maintained in TA /AIF/VMAP. Monitor is to be done in TA /AIF/IFMON.

More information:
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