Thursday, August 14, 2014

Report RSOS_CHECK_REPAIR Check and Repair of BW Search Settings

Basically what the report RSOS_CHECK_REPAIR does is check of TREX Searches for BW Repository Objects. Technically it is searching following tables and tries to find:

RSOSCHNOBJQUEUE - Queue for changed Objects (Search), records which do have no change done to search attributes

RSOTLOGOSEARATR - Searchable attributes for Object Types, records which do have attribute of a TLOG Object for Advanced Search equal to space

Subsequently entries that are found in those two above mentioned tables are looked up in table RSOBJS_OBJ_TYPES. That’s the table which holds object types of BW objects like infoproviders (infoobjects, multiproviders, cubes, DSOs, etc), BEx elements (queries, workbooks, web items, etc), infopackages/DTPs, etc. basically all the BW objects.

If there are some BW’s search objects that are not search-relevant but they have entries in those two tables means those should be removed. You can do this clean up by running same ABAP report with Repair flag enabled.

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