Thursday, August 21, 2014

How to reorganize Process Chains log’s table

Questions about fast growing tables in SAP systems are very often asked in SCN forums. Such a tables consumes disk space and even more importantly processing large volumes of data in these tables slows down the system. This also true in area of BW systems. Therefore it is common for SAP Basis guys to do housekeeping on regular basis of these tables. There are SAP Notes available which deals with those tables and advise how to reorganize them. Perfect example of such a Note is 706478 - Preventing Basis tables from increasing considerably. There are many tables discussed in the Note per different areas and also BW areas.

One of them depicts table related to process chains log - RSPCLOGCHAIN.

The table holds logs of Process Chains. In large BW systems running many chains on daily basis table can increase its volume very easily. One of the tables involved in logging of process chains runs is RSPCLOGCHAIN. Regular way of how to get rid of the log of process chains run is to do it from transactions like RSPC or RSPC1. In the log view there is Delete functionality available in the menu:

To you this functionality in automated way an ABAP report RSPC_LOG_DELETE needs to be utilized.  You can set up the job running this report on regular basis for particular chains with selection on logs from date/time or Log ID. I found this report quite useful in BW housekeeping tasks.

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