Tuesday, August 12, 2014

How to run NWBC NetWeaver Business Client?

After download and installation of NWBC I wondered how to run it. To be precise I had no idea what to enter into the logon screen as parameters. By default screen comes like this in version 4.0 of NWBC:

You need to maintain fields Name and URL. Alternatively you can put description of SAP system connection from your SAP GUI. This would go to field: “SAP GUI Logon Description”. Right after you save entry you can access it. After that you get logon screen:

Clicking on Log On button will display pop-up where you enter user’s logon credentials. In my case I got following error:

However if you have everything configured you should be directly connected to SAP System via NWBC. As per instruction in the error I tried to access NWBC client via web browser with following URL:


So it looked that everything was running in the browser. I went through all the checks on server side that are required as per online documentation. So I had to make sure that:

1. HTTP(s) service was up and running in my system. I checked that in TA SMICM

2. Service /sap/bc/nwbc  and all its subnodes were active in TA SICF.

3. Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) was established as per profile parameter icm/host_name_full in my system.

4. System security settings: parameter login/accept_sso2_ticket = 1 and login/create_sso2_ticket was equal to 3 but it should be set to 2. So I changed it to 2.
Here’s how same transaction (SE16) looks like in NWBC:

Once I tried to run NWBC I got different screen where I could enter user credentials directly to the screen instead of pop-up. Afterwards I was logged into NWBC:

Finally I want to mention transaction NWBC. This may help you also to identify possible issue with NWBC.

Further information:
900000 - Netweaver Business Client – FAQ

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