Tuesday, August 26, 2014

NetWeaver Unified Connectivity (UCON)

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UCON is new connection framework in SAP NetWeaver aiming to deal also with security aspects of RFC (Remote Function Calls) calls from outside systems into SAP NetWeaver systems. The UCON framework reduces no of Remote Function Modules (RFM) which can be accessed or let say called from outside systems.

SAP ERP solution contains approximately 38k of RFMs. By default one can call all of them without any issues. As typically in customers production systems only few of them are needed so by utilizing UCON one can limit those RFMs which are needed.

What needs to be done in order to deploy the UCON?

- NetWeaver system where UCON will be used must have following system profile parameter UCON/RFC/ACTIVE set to 1.
- Set up and generate communication assembly (CA) in TA UCONPHTL.
- Schedule batch job SAP_UCON_MANAGEMENT to collect RFC statistic recording.

Notice that UCON is only available as of SAP NetWeaver version 7.4.

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