Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Missing report RSIM_CHECK_REP_DATA in your BW system

Recently I was activating BI statistics into newly installed BW system.  While I was doing so I set couple of standard BW process chains to run. One of them called Check Report Data Availability [0TCTHC_CHECK_REP_DATA] which uses ABAP report RSIM_CHECK_REP_DATA in its ABAP process variants has failed.

I was looking why that happened. Output of failed chain was a red process and behind it an ABAP dump “Internal session terminated with a runtime error LOAD_PROGRAM_NOT_FOUND (see ST22)”.  The dump said “Program "RSIM_CHECK_REP_DATA" not found.”

At first sight it looks completely strange that standard SAP program is missing in BW system. But so it was the case. Report RSIM_CHECK_REP_DATA was not there. Reason being is very simple. SAP decided that for standalone BW systems as of 730 and higher releases this report is not needed. The report was/is present only in BusinessByDesign (ByD) systems. In SAP Note “1890206 - Process Chain 0TCTHC_CHECK_REP_DATA is failed” it is also said that references to above mentioned chain will be removed from standard delivery of the further BW releases.

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